Starting Off Strong

Greetings, first and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Courtney Hall and I am UI/UX web developer (technically almost a software engineer). I am from San Francisco, CA but currently residing in charming Carmel, IN (twenty minutes northeast from Indianapolis).

Currently I am working for a medium sized company here in Carmel as Vice President of Technology. I originally began at this company as a senior software engineer but quickly proved myself and was offered the position. I really enjoy what I do and who I do it for. The people are great and I am always doing new and exciting things.

I learned HTML by reading a book back in 1999 and quickly found my first job as a Jr. HTML Programmer for the 3Com Corporation in Santa Clara, CA. I was at 3Com for almost two years and was hooked on coding, the rest is history.

I graduated from City of College of San Francisco in 2011 with a major in General Studies and a minor in Computer Science. I have attended Notre Dame De Namur University, Indiana State University, UMUC and now UC Berkeley Extension. I have a very strong background in mathematics including physics, chemistry, statics (strength of materials), statistics and calculus (among other things). To download a copy of my resume please click here.

Besides work, my children and family are my life. I am a very hard worker personally, professionally and academically. I take the endeavors that I pursue very seriously and am not satisfied with mediocrity; though I can get overloaded at times. My personal approach to problem solving is to divide and conquer, smaller bite sized pieces are much easier to work with than an entire entity.

I chose the title “Starting Off Strong” because I would really like to be more consistent and purposeful in my latest attempt at blogging. In doing so I figured that I would begin with a strong post about myself as I am trying to develop my personal brand for 2016 and beyond (I still can’t believe I just said personal branding).

I am not quite sure about the direction of my blog but I will try to keep it entertaining, engaging and current with a little taste of fun. It was nice to meet you and I hope to hear from you soon. Until next time, I am Courtney Hall; a freelance UX, UI front-end developer serving Carmel, Indianapolis and the greater Indiana region.



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