Web Design Inspiration When Creativity Is Low

Happy Labor Day Everybody,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday. It is sunny and warm in Indianapolis so I am enjoying the reprieve from the heat. I was thinking about what topic to write about and I decided to share some tips on how I come up with new designs when I can get the creative ball rolling on my own.

After my initial research of the purpose, audience and theme comes the process of searching for existing websites that fit the criteria mentioned before. Once I have found some good candidates I take screenshots of the portions that I like. After that I open up my favorite graphic editor and import the screenshots.

Using a grid I then layout the screenshots and block out the sections with shapes . The next step is to hide the layers that contain the screenshots. From their you should have a nice layout for your website to begin filling in the portions of the content that are missing.

I hope to be able to incorporate video screenshots of my process at some point in time but for now I hope that this advice will be of some use to you.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day! I am Courtney Hall a UI / UX Web Developer serving Carmel, Indianapolis, Greater Indiana Region and the world at large!

My First jQuery Widget

Tonight I created my first jQuery widget utilizing the widget factory. For now I am calling the widget ‘Cinch’ but that is just until I can get the domain secured (I am too tired to do it right now). The widget is a simple element animated flyout.

I have to yet to make own widget for a few different reasons but one in particular is not having the need to do so. I figured since I am trying to drum up some extra business, it would be advantageous to start showcasing my skills publicly through GitHub and Codepen.

jQuery is a library that I use frequently so I think that it is pretty cool that I am finally creating widgets of my own. I seen a great meter tutorial on tutsplus that I am thinking about implementing to practice on.

Sometime over the weekend I will be posting a link to a demo for those who would like to check it out. Thanks for checking in! As always, I am Courtney Hall, a freelance UI/UX Web developer serving Carmel, Indianapolis and clients nationally.