24 Amazing Web Design and Development Firms In Indianapolis

Below is a list of fifteen companies here in Indianapolis that you need to know. We added each company based on the experience and look of the website, how strong the website presence is online and how what each firm specializes in.

Before you select a firm, be sure to read 5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer. Reading this will get you up to speed on what you need to know before you select that web developer or designer for your next project.

2.) TGFI

TGFI – High Performance Web Design and Development – Indianapolis

We help companies design and build super-fast, mobile-friendly websites and web applications that are easy to use.

3.) Visual Blaze

Visual Blaze: Indianapolis Web Design, Video, and Usability Experts

Visual Blaze is an Indianapolis Web Design and Development Firm, focused on usability and interactivity.

4.) SuperPixel

SuperPixel – Affordable Indianapolis Website Design

SuperPixel is the most affordable Indianapolis website design and marketing team. No deposits or upfront costs. Perfect for small businesses and nonprofits.

5.) Imavex

Indianapolis Web Design, Internet Marketing, & SEO – imavex

Designing websites since 2001, Imavex of Indianapolis is a leader in Internet marketing, search engine optimization, website design, and video production.

6.) SwellFire

Indianapolis Web Design and WordPress Development

Roundpeg: An Indianapolis web design, content and digital marketing strategy agency providing WordPress web design, content email & inbound marketing,

7.) BoldThink Creative

Indianapolis Inbound Marketing | Website Design | Branding

Discovering your story by being strategic, creative, and bold. Boldthink Creative is a branding and inbound marketing agency based in downtown Indianapolis.

8.) RareBird Inc.,

Internet Marketing, Website Design, E-Commerce

Rare Bird, based in Indianapolis, specializes in internet marketing, website design, e-commerce development, strategic marketing, branding and more.

9.) MidWestern Web Company

MidWestern Web Company | Indianapolis, IN | Design – Development

MidWestern Web Company is an IT consulting firm specializing in internet related technologies including web hosting, design, development and marketing.

10.) Fight For Small

Fight For Small: Indianapolis Marketing and Web Design

Indianapolis-based small business web design and marketing consultants providing SEO and social media marketing at affordable prices.

11.) Ben Blanco Freelance Web Developer

Ben Blanco | Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Internet Marketing

Hello, I’m a freelance web developer and Internet Marketing professional. Focus on developing functional, responsive websites for all browsers and devices.

12.) Erin Ingram

Erin Ingram – Indianapolis Freelance Web Designer

Thanks for finding my tiny corner of cyberspace! It is my duty and honor to assist you with your web design and print project needs. What impression do you want to leave? How can you better link your look to your philosophy? I’ll help you figure out how.

13.) Matthew Dimmett Creative, LLC

Matthew Dimmett Creative, LLC | Design, Branding, Development

Hello, I’m a freelance web developer and Internet Marketing professional. Focus on developing functional, responsive websites for all browsers and devices.

14.) Tommy Day

Tommy Day | Indianapolis Freelance WordPress Developer

By day I am a full-time, freelance WordPress developer. You can expect to read about web development, game design, Indianapolis, video games, and life.

15.) Brock Carson

Brock Carson – Freelance Web Design

For over a decade I’ve been working with local business owners to plan effective and affordable marketing solutions. I’ve worked with hundreds of local customers to achieve their marketing goals.. I am also a full-time father, homesteader, and political activist.

16.) Exceedion

Indianapolis Web Design, WordPress & Digital Marketing Firm

Exceedion is an Indianapolis Web Design, WordPress & Digital Marketing firm delivering trusted results since 2004. Contact us today to grow your business.

17.) Codo Design

CODO Design

HELLO! CODO is an Indianapolis branding & web design firm founded on the belief that we can create better work by directly including our clients in the creative process. Learn more about our Hands-on Branding process.

18.) Springboard Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing Agency | Springboard Marketing

Springboard Marketing is an Indianapolis based ecommerce marketing agency .

19.) Galvin Technologies

Galvin – Salesforce Consulting, Pardot Consulting | Indianapolis

We work with companies by delivering Salesforce implementations. Based out of Indianapolis, IN, Galvin provides professional Salesforce Consulting services to companies across the Midwest. We specialize in Salesforce consulting and administration services, as well as Pardot lead cultivation and marketing. Salesforce products we specialize in are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Wave (Analytics), Pardot, App Cloud and more.

20.) Williams Randall Marketing

Williams Randall Marketing: Indianapolis Advertising

Left-Brain Creativity is based on the concept of creativity embracing accountability. Scientific studies have long determined that the left side of the human brain is analytical, and it’s where reason and logic take place. The right side of the brain is where creativity and emotion reside. When synthesis occurs between these two hemispheres, a powerful and holistic balance is created. Left-Brain Creativity refers to such a balance, and is the philosophy by which Williams Randall approaches marketing.

21.) Christopher August

Christopher August | Web Development

We build all of our larger web development efforts on the back of existing Squarespace templates. This not only gives us a natively SEO friendly platform that is already coded to start from, but it also lets us leverage amazing designs and layouts to your advantage.

22.) Harness Design Indy

Harness Design Indy: Indianapolis Graphic Design & Web Development

We are committed to providing the best web and graphic design solutions for our clients. Our passion is working with local small business owners to promote their businesses through effective marketing.

23.) Rocket Build


RocketBuild partners with agencies to create stellar cloud-based software, mobile applications, and websites of all types. When you partner with us you gain full stack capabilities without the expense of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team and support staff.

24.) Brandon With Glasses

Brandon with glasses | Indianapolis graphic design & web development

Mainly working in WordPress, Brandon has developed a robust coding skill set, that includes PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery/javascript. Some projects are from idea-to-design-to-finished product, while others are just one portion of the project on contract as part of a team. He does this type of work for several marketing and design angencies as well as small businesses.

25.) The Iron Yard

The Iron Yard

If you already lead or work on a development team, our recruiting, … We offer learning programs that cover the core components of web development.

11 Steps To A Higher Starting Salary For Web Developers

Boost your chances of increasing your starting salary if you are a new web developer by following these simple 11 steps. Show potential employers that you are worth the salary that you are asking for by being prepared in advance.

Though being a web developer is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding careers both professionally and financially, being a developer can get demanding. It would behoove the new coder just getting started to take this into account when trying to determine a rough starting salary.

If you are going to subject yourself to the rigors of a mentally taxing career, you might as well get paid handsomely for it right?

With that being said, here are 11 steps that you can take to command a higher starting salary as a new web developer.

  1. Know What Technologies Are Currently In Demand. By knowing what technologies are currently popular, you can get an idea of what professional web developers are using in the industry. Some of the basic core technologies used by web developers are:
  2. Make Sure You Have A Portfolio
    Having a portfolio shows that you have a body of work to demonstrate your skills. Recruiters, managers and clients are going to want see examples of your work so it is good to make sure that you have something to show.
  3. Git Your Code On The Web
    If you plan on going up for a position that entails programming, make sure that you have coding examples on GitHub. Most hiring managers and team members are going to want to peruse your work. Reading a developer’s code helps us to get a sense of their style and programming sophistication.
  4. Setup a profile on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is the go-to destination for employers, recruiters and other web developers. Having a LinkedIn account will allow others to reach out to you with possible work opportunities, it also opens up your prospects for networking with others.
  5. Create Or Update Your Resume
    If you haven’t done so already, create your resume and if possible have someone review it for you. If you already a resume, make sure that it is up to date. Also make sure that you include your contact information and links to:

    An even better idea is to make your resume available from a link entitled ‘Resume’ from the navigation bar on your website. You should make the document downloadable as a .PDF or .DOC file. That way if a recruiter ask you for a copy, you can point them to your website and quickly fetch a copy without you having to do anything.
    An even better idea is to make your resume available from a link entitled ‘Resume’ from the navigation bar on your website. You should make the document downloadable as a .PDF or .DOC file. That way if a recruiter ask you for a copy, you can point them to your website and quickly fetch a copy without you having to do anything.

  6. Read Job Descriptions Before You Apply
    I can not emphasize this enough, make sure you read the job description before you apply. There is nothing worse than receiving email from recruiters who have sent me job requisitions for jobs that do not relate to my skills. Same goes for hiring managers, they are busy and do not want to receive resumes from unqualified candidates.
  7. Shop Your Resume To Recruiters / Employers
    So you have found some jobs that you think that you are a good fit for, great! You are now ready to shop your resume to recruiters and employers. Thankfully, applying for jobs in this day is relatively straight forward. Most job boards let you apply for jobs by simply uploading a file or emailing a resume.Upon submitting your resume, all you have to do is sit back and let the phone ring. I will suggest getting Google Talk telephone number because many times you will be inundated with phone calls from recruiters. Some good places to submit your resume are:

  8. Research Current Rates For New Developers In Your Market
    Do some research to get an idea of what web developers are making in your market. When you talk to the recruiters they are going to ask you what your rate is or what you want in terms of a starting salary. Don’t be afraid to ask to for the higher rate or salary, the most that they can say is no. One thing to keep in mind is that the recruiters will be taking a cut of your pay, which means that they can afford to take LESS and pay you MORE.You do the work not them so it is only fair. Some of the more popular resources to research starting salaries are:

    The amount that web developers make per hour varies so be sure to factor in this in when determining your amount.

  9. Research Companies Before You Interview
    The time will come when you will eventually get a callback for a telephone interview or a face to face interview. Make sure that you research the company and understand what they do. Research their competitors and some of their main products or services. You will get bonus points with the interviewer if you can identify some of the technologies that power their website. One other thing that you might want to do is research what the starting salary is for similar positions in the company if possible.
  10. Crush Your Interview By Knowing What To Say To Hiring Managers
    I will be the first to admit, I had no idea what it took to interview well. Nobody ever taught me, until someone pointed it out to me. After watching some videos by Don Georgivich, I learned that I was doing it all wrong. Good thing that happened for the both of us because I learned how to interview and I am sharing my experience so that you will be prepared. A good resource to learn about what to expect is my article 15 Interview Questions Every Web Developer Should Know. This is a good primer on what to expect during your interview. You may also want to peruse  5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer which talks about what hiring managers should look for during the search and hiring process for web developers.
  11. Be Confident
    The most important thing that you can do to command a higher starting salary is to be confident. Companies want to see leadership and decisiveness and they are willing to pay for it, within reason.



Web Design Inspiration When Creativity Is Low

Happy Labor Day Everybody,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday. It is sunny and warm in Indianapolis so I am enjoying the reprieve from the heat. I was thinking about what topic to write about and I decided to share some tips on how I come up with new designs when I can get the creative ball rolling on my own.

After my initial research of the purpose, audience and theme comes the process of searching for existing websites that fit the criteria mentioned before. Once I have found some good candidates I take screenshots of the portions that I like. After that I open up my favorite graphic editor and import the screenshots.

Using a grid I then layout the screenshots and block out the sections with shapes . The next step is to hide the layers that contain the screenshots. From their you should have a nice layout for your website to begin filling in the portions of the content that are missing.

I hope to be able to incorporate video screenshots of my process at some point in time but for now I hope that this advice will be of some use to you.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day! I am Courtney Hall a UI / UX Web Developer serving Carmel, Indianapolis, Greater Indiana Region and the world at large!